A Unique Vegetarian Pizza Recipe

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Pizza recipes are usually believed to be meaty, not the thing for vegetarians to relish. But an old myth gets wiped out now with this pizza recipe. If you like to know how to make pizza than you should know how to make this yummy vegetarian dish. Easily served for all kinds of audiences, you can be rest assured that even non-vegetarians will enjoy this pizza recipe thoroughly.

Besides being purely vegetarian, this pizza even promises to be extremely healthy. Using ingredients that are just great for you, this is a dish describes absolutely everything thats right with food.

How To Make Pizza With Corn And Black Beans


1.Half a diced plum tomato
2.Half a cup of canned and rinsed black beans
3.Half a cup fresh corn kernels, add as per your preference
4.One tablespoon of cornmeal
5.Half a pound of whole-wheat pizza dough
6.Quarter cup of barbecue sauce
7.Half a cup of smoked mozzarella, sliced or shredded


1.Now to actually get started with the making of your pizza recipe, preheat your grill to medium temperature.

2.Mix the diced tomato, beans and corn in a bowl.

3.Lightly sprinkle the cornmeal on a baking sheet thats big enough for your pizza base. Stretch or roll the pizza dough into about a circle and keep it on top of the baking sheet. Make sure that the entire base of the dough has a light layer of cornmeal on it.

4.Move the pizza base from the baking sheet to the preheated grill. Cook the dough until its puffed and slightly brown at the bottom.

5.Flip the pizza base over and quickly spread the barbecue sauce. Without wasting any time sprinkle the tomato, bean and corn mixture and add a layer of cheese.

6.Grill your pizza until its brown at the bottom again and the cheese is slightly melted.

7.Your pizza recipe is ready to eat and enjoy!

When you know how to make pizza, you know that you can make a snack at any point of time. Italian pizza recipes are a hit with one and all so you know that no matter whos coming home, they are definitely going to enjoy your preparation. Try out this pizza recipe today from your very own kitchen and relish the yummy taste!

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