Berry smoothie lollies

Berry smoothie lollies

Beat the heat the healthy way with these berry smoothie lollies – only 55 calories per pop! With just three ingredients and 10 minutes prep time, these frozen delights are the perfect treat to have ready when the kids ask for an ice cream – the yogurt makes them taste really rich and indulgent, but they’re actually packed full of goodness.

100g frozen mixed British summer fruits/berries

 250g thick plain yogurt

2tbsp maple syrup

Push the mixture through a sieve if you don?t like the thought of pips in the lollies.

Put the frozen fruits, yogurt and maple syrup in a blender, and whizz until well mixed.Pour mixture into 6 lolly moulds, put in the sticks and freeze until firm. It doesn?t take long ? just a few hours.<<All Credits To Author>>

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