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On Wednesday night’s Cooking Channel episode of ‘Best in Chow’ host Cris Nannarone went to Victoria, the capital of gorgeous British Columbia; Canada in this episode titled, ‘Pizza Wars Victoria.’
Cris Nannarone traveled to this tourist hotspot in Canada, Victoria to find out just who has the best pizza in Victoria. Cris stated that the motto of Victoria is; if you are living there, you’re a newlywed or nearly dead! As this is the Canadian version of Florida.
As Cris asked passersby where he could get a good slice of pizza; he was told Pizzeria Prima Strada by the first person he saw. He also heard names like Zambri’s and Oregano’s by those who knew best. So he decided to give it a try. Although several recommended the broccoli pizza, he stood his ground and would not try broccoli under any circumstances.
At Oregano’s, chef and co-owner Jason Venkaya told Cris about the array of things they put on pizzas, and the sky is the limit. But whenasked,d which is the best, Jason affirmed that their Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza is the best in Victoria. Jason showed Cris how he makes this awesome creation and Josh Barnes, the other chef and co-owner agreed that it is the best. Cris was in pizza euphoria when he tasted this delicious treat. It is made with; the secret focaccia dough, secret recipe tomato sauce, Oregano’s homemade BBQ sauce, pulled pork, corn, stoplight peppers, banana peppers, Monterey Jack & mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon, and of course, oregano.
When Cris and his crew met a beautiful young woman, she told them to follow her to Pizzeria Prima Strada, where her boyfriend was the chef. Here they make thin crust pizza with no frills, just the best ingredients. Cris met her boyfriend, head chef Andrew Langley, who truly knows how to make a Neapolitan pizza, as he traveled to Italy for his training. Andrew made the Margherita Pizza in thewood-burning oven that will cook a pizza in 90 seconds, but Cris likes his well-done, so he got an extra few seconds. The Margherita Pizza contains; Caputo double zero flour, San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Buffalo mozzarella cheese, andextra-virgin olive oil. oil.
At Zambri’s, Cris found motorcycle riding head chef and co-owner Peter Zambri, who took him right to the place on the back of his bike. He will put his Baccala & Pancetta pizza up against the others for best pizza. His co-owner and sister Josephine, will vouch for that. Baccala is dried and salted cod fish that they soak for three days and then make a crema using onions and other ingredients. The pizza contains; three-day fermented 00 flour, Crema di Baccala, oregano, pancetta, blacknicoisee olives, chopped marinated yellow tomatoes, grated parmesan, Olio Novella from Domenica Fiore, then topped with shredded radicchio after baking.
Next, Cris gathered nine of the people who love pizza and put them in a party bus and traveled to the three locations. After they ate, the chefs and the jury met at a waterfront location where the winner would be crowned.
So the votes were tallied and the winner was chosen. The winner of Pizza Wars Victoria was Zambri’s. Enjoy that pizza trophy Josephine and Peter, and display that banner proudly!
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