Changes to frozen California Pizza Kitchen recipes


I sicilian pizzawas recently contacted by a representative of the California Pizza Kitchen to do a review on their reinvented pizza recipes. Having never tried the pizza to begin with, I agreed and I received couple of coupons to pick up a couple frozen pizzas for the family to try.
As stated, I have no idea what the pizza tasted like to begin with, so I can’t honestly tell you whether the changes made to their frozen pizza recipes improved the taste, or made it worse. However, the changes made did significantly impact the health and nutritional value of the pizza. Over all, now there is no trans-fats, the pizzas do not contain any preservatives in the crust, and there are no additives added that would prolong the frozen life of the pizza. Two new pizzas also came from the new recipe, a Greek Recipe, and Spicy Chipotle Chicken.
With that being said, I tried the BBQ chicken pizza and the Sicilian Recipe pizzas. If you’re a child, these might not be as appetizing. My three-year-old wouldn’t touch them (and he loves pizza) because they had “stuff” on them. The vegetables on the Sicilian recipe tasted as fresh as can be expected of a frozen pizza, and the BBQ sauce on the chicken pizza has a nice, tangy flavor that is quite good. The crust was nice and crispy throughout, although a bit thin for my taste.
What I found to be the most surprising is that for such a large box, the actual pizza inside is rather small. Two pizzas could not sufficiently feed three adults by any means. The pizza cost roughly .79 depending on where you shop, and can me found in the freezer section with other pizzas. It’s really hard to miss the bright yellow box.
Overall, the pizza tastes great and I love that they are reasonably priced with several flavors available, especially ones that are outside the standard flavors that most every company makes. However, these are not meal size pizzas, at least not for my family. They make for a great lunch, though!

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