Foods & Drinks :: Gourmet Pizza Making at Home

Foods & Drinks :: Gourmet Pizza Making at Home

Using specific tools and equipment, superior recipes, and new ingredients being made available to consumers, real pizzeria style pizza is easier than ever to make at home. The effort in producing homemade pizza dough and sauce like pizzerias is a challenge, but one that is worth the undertaking. The internet, specialty shops, and farmers markets have introduced high-quality imported cheeses, local vegetables, and artisan for use at home in your pizza making. With practice you can produce delicious pizzeria pizzas like Artichoke Hearts with Sweet Onion; Deep Dish with Sausage and Onion; BBQ Chicken with Serrano Peppers and Mushrooms; Barbeque Chicken with Mushrooms and Mozzarella; or Three-Cheese Pizza with Mushrooms and Basil.

Pizzerias employ ovens expressly made for pizza making and they utilize specialized equipment, including dough kneading machines, pizza stones, proof boxes and heavy duty commercial bakeware. Some of these ovens achieve temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees; more than twice that of a home oven, creating the ideal environment for pizza dough ingredients to begin producing the perfect crust. To create tender dough that performs consistently, commercial grade kneading machines are the tool of choice. Because immediate moisture removal is essential during the baking process to achieve a crispy crust bottom, commercial bakeware, extreme temperature ovens, and pizza stones are employed.

The professionals use high gluten flour almost exclusively in their pizza making. When it comes to pizza making nothing compares to high gluten flour, nevertheless finding it can be difficult as it is often only available in large containers of 25 pounds or more. High gluten flour has a texture and taste when baked that cannot be matched by all-purpose flour or bread flour. The elasticity and toughness necessary for stretching out dough properly, which creates small air pockets, comes from the protein in high gluten flour.

To produce pizza like your favorite pizzeria, you need great recipes, proper instruction, high-quality ingredients, and some specialized tools. Purchasing a pizza stone will help your efforts immensely. To create the perfect crust, place the stone on the bottom of a preheated oven for 20 minutes. This assures the stone has reached a heat that forces moisture out, and the ingredients in the dough to begin working together immediately. Seek out high gluten flour either on the internet or at a local specialty food store. You cannot go wrong. The flour is perfect for a variety of dough recipes, making it possible for you to create thick or thin crust pies like Deep-Dish Sausage with Peppers and Onion, or try a recipe with a contemporary taste like Macaroni and Cheese; Pizza Rustica; Roasted Garlic with Caramelized Onion; Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato; or Escargot and Chanterelle.

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