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bananas popsI have worked in the hospitality industry for many years. I am often asked for recipe ideas, because raising as many kids as my husband and I have raised, has given us the opportunity to experiment with kid friendly food ideas. We have a good idea as to what works and what is like “pulling teeth” to get kids to eat things like fruits and vegetables. So here are some quick and simple ideas to satisfy snack and meal times without the fight. (Some are not as healthy as others, but….the important thing while you are away on vacation, renting a chalet or rent cottage, or just simply heading up to a resort, is that these meals and snacks are delicious.)
1. Shore Lunch a la Ziploc (you need Ziplocs to help you out here, larger sized ones)
-small pieces of your favourite fish fillets, enough for 2-3 pieces per person, thawed and cleaned in advance—put in Ziploc and seal
-one beaten egg, maybe two if you have a larger family, put in another Ziploc and seal
-buy pre made fish batter and pour into Ziploc or make your own (2-3 tablespoons’ combo of corn meal, flour, bread crumbs, garlic powder, pepper, salt, dried herbs, mixed up and put in Ziploc)
-frozen fish sticks are a good replacement without all the fuss or mess
-frozen fries are optional or bring some pre baked potatoes
-cup of oil in a sealed container
-cast iron fryer over an open fire (don’t know how to make a fire? Use the Hibachi or the BBQ)
-Raw baby carrots with a side of ranch dressing
*Get your burner/fire/propane BBQ going and put the oil in the cast iron pan and get it warmed up; fish fillet goes in egg Ziploc, then the batter Ziploc then the hot oil (may splatter a bit); each side for about 2-3 minutes and then place in aluminum pie tin and cover up
*keep your potatoes warm or add in your fries at the end
*each person gets some fish and fries/potatoes and some raw carrots and dip—nice little “Shore Lunch”
2. Bask O’ Fruit (can be made in advance and have as many as needed for the entire family)
-small cantaloupe melons, ½ per person, cut in half and cleaned of seeds
-your favourite yogurt or cottage cheese
-wash and cut up your favourite combination of berries and fruit (NOT CITRUS TYPES)
-Foil, Saran and a large container
-Grab a half melon, add first yogurt/cottage cheese, then add your fruit, seal with foil and wrap with saran place face or open side up in container and seal (cooler or fridge) ***Great for breakfast or lunch; kids will love to sit and eat the fruit and then finish off with the cantaloupe; you do need a spoon but the best part is that once the fruit and yogurt are done, you can eat the cantaloupe with your hands!
3. Cedar Plank Pizza (can be made in advance or grab one premade fresh or frozen from local supermarket)
-these planks can be purchased at any large super market, Canadian Tire, or in bulk at Costco; they offer a unique smoky flavour to any food that is placed on them and grilled or baked
-the planks need to be soaked in water for about 4 hours before they are to go in the oven or over an open flame—these keeps them from catching fire and burning the food
-your favourite pizza recipe—cut the pizza sphere in half to fit better on the board, or opt for a square pizza
-pita bread is a good and quick alternate solution to make smaller ones and you can fit two pitas on one plank
-add pizza sauce or pesto spread, cheddar, or grated cheese
-top with your favourite pizza choices: sliced black olives, pepperoni, diced red onions
-place on planks (presoaked) and place on your BBQ or over your open fire or right on top of the Hibachi burner
– does not take very long, just until the cheese starts to melt and the pizzas should be ready in about 6-8 minutes
-you can burn the planks in the fire when you’re done! (Great little snack or make into a larger meal for the entire family—don’t need plates, just some napkins to have close to the fire—load up the veggies and keep it healthy!)
4. Banana Pops (MMM so Fondue good!)
-fresh unpeeled bananas
-large wooden sticks (can be purchased from Dollar Store, or can be found on the ground in the bush)
-milk chocolate
-clean soup can for fire or BBQ
-Simply melt chocolate in the can, peal a banana and put it on a stick, dip the banana into the chocolate and instant heaven in your hands and very yummy dessert or snack
-double dipping is only permitted in the family—not with company!
Fun and Easy Recipes for cottage rental…I think you get the idea here—simple and easy is best. Did you catch something on your line? Want to fillet that fish and cook it up? Plan a shore lunch. Try to always throw in some fruit and vegetables in whatever you make at the cottage or chalet to keep moms happy, the kids healthy and the family fed well.

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