Kare Kare a Genuine Filipino Recipe

kare kare

Kare kare, a popular Filipino beef stew recipe that loved by every Filipino on all walks of life truly. This recipe prepare during special occasion, Filipino event can not be think about extravagant with out Kare Kare served available as it been a part of the west. Cooking kare kare takes a complete lot of time and the process is so tedious, but once the cooking procedure has done it will always taste like heaven correctly. To make Kare Kare a lot deliciously would be to served kare kare along with bagoong (Fermented shrimp paste) as a aspect dish. Kare kare can be cook using tripe, beef, or even beef pata (beef hind leg). Those meat can be cook or together as the main meat ingredient alternately. The vegetable use for cooking Kare Kare is eggplant usually, Chinese language cabbage (petchay), banana marijuana blossom (puso ng saging). A well known eating place in Philippines become a favourite for their Kare Kare because their specialty menus and they generally served kare kare making use of claypot (Palayok) that image the food since truly Philippine. If you want to consider my edition for food preparation this well-known Filipino Foods, heres the way i cook this particular:

Ingredient Pertaining to Cooking:
Food preparation oil
4-5 tbsp minced garlic
1-2 pcs moderate size red onion, sliced
2-3 tbsp patis
Combination of tripe, Beef, pata 2 kilogram, cut directly into serving personal computers and cleaned
2 pack of Petchay, blanched and washed
several pcs associated with eggplant reduce into two inch reduce lengthwise, blanched and washed
1-2 bunble of thread bean (cut into one ) cleaned and blanched
1 moderate size clown buds, remove 2-3 layer outer cut and covering in serving pieces. Washed
a single cup of unsalted peanut butter
1 cup associated with toasted grain, mix along with water to create slurry
glass Atsuete essential oil

Treatment of Food preparation:
In a stress cooker, provide boil meats ingredient together with 2 litre of drinking water. Let it simmer for 2-3 hours till beef meats tenderized. Set and keep broth for future use aside, In a individual pan, sautee garlic, red onion, tenderized meats and period with patis (Fish sauce). Include peanut simmer and butter for few minute. Add vetsin and beef stock enough to cover the meat just. Bring to boil add ground rice slurry to thickened then. Colour using atsuete oil, pour in blanched vegetable and cook for a full minute.

Bagoong Component:
kg associated with bagoong ( put into strainer and cleaned from drinking water to remove extra salt)
three hundred and fifty gram associated with liempo
2-3 tbsp minced garlic
2-3 tbsp minced garlic
one whole red onion, sliced
two cups of white vinegar
1 cup associated with toyo

Treatment of Food preparation;

In a skillet, cook liempo together, first batch associated with garlic, me llaman sauce, white vinegar. Bring to steam until this dries, Get rid of cook meats from skillet and in exactly the same pan sautee garlic, red onion, and bagoong. Add cup of bring and vinegar to boil. Add cook meat and until sauce dries vetsin. Season along with sugar in order to taste. Served cook kare kare with bagoong along with hot steamy rice newly.

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