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Galla’s Pizza has started offering gluten-free pizzas made on Venice Bakery’s gluten-free crust. According to Bob Galla, owner of Galla’s Pizza, “they wanted to offer a pizza option to those who may themselves or have someone in their family who has a gluten allergy.”
It is important to note that Galla’s Pizza is not a gluten-free kitchen. They take steps to make sure that gluten-free pizzas doesn’t come into contact directly with gluten, but they cannot guarantee a cross contamination free environment because they do use flour in their kitchen to make wheat-based pizzas.
The gluten-free crust from Venice Bakery only comes in one size (12″), for which they charge and then add per topping. Venice Bakery’s crust is gluten and soy free and it is vegan too. Most of Galla’s Pizza toppings are gluten free (exceptions are eggplant and breaded chicken), but they do use shared ingredients to prepare the gluten-free pizzas. They do not offer dairy free cheese at the moment, but they are looking into adding it to their menu.
Safe handling procedures have been established, but they come two fold. The instructions for preparing the pizzas are the same, but depending on your sensitivity to gluten, the pizza could be cooked differently. If a customer informs them that they are highly allergic to gluten, then they do not ever let the pizza come in contact with the pizza oven surface. You will be asked this questions upon ordering, so be sure to answer correctly.
Pizza makers wash their hands and put on new gloves when preparing a gluten-free pizza. The pizza is then placed on a clean tray from the container which stores the gluten-free crusts. The pizza is baked in ovens that bake regular pizzas. The pizza is cut with a clean pizza cutter and placed on another clean pan for serving.
Because I have celiac disease and this pizza is prepared with common ingredients where there is wheat flour in the air, I will not be able to try it. I just can’t take the risk of cross contact from the gloved hands that have been in and out of the ingredients.
For those of you who don’t follow the gluten-free diet for medical reasons, I have heard that the pizza is quite tasty, so stop by and tell me what you think.

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