easy and Healthy Vegetarian Pizza Recipe

vegan pizza

So my partner and I went out to the +39 Pizzeria on Wednesday night. Written proudly on the wall was “voted the best Pizzeria in Melbourne”. The place was full. I was wondering what sort of Vegetarian Pizza Recipe this place could have. There were a few of them. There was a tomato, oregano, and basil pizza, and a tomato, buffalo, and basil pizza, and a tomato, broccoli, and pesto pizza. We tried the latter two. The pizza toppings were very nice. The base itself wasn’t to my liking as it took quite a bit of effort to cut through and did not have much flavour on its own. The toppings on the other hand were immaculate, and I think I came up with a concept that makes any pizza a great-tasting meal. The concept is to only add a small number of toppings, with each topping being as fresh as possible. With the flavour of fresh tomato sauce, fresh and vibrant buffalo mozzarella, and freshly picked basil, there was ample flavour within each mouthful. Each ingredient could be identified, and they worked together very well. In Australia, I believe that we have leant a bit too far into the realm of putting as much toppings onto pizzas as we can possibly fit, but this has the undesired effect of washing out all of the flavours. So from this experience at the +39 Pizzeria, the next time you make a pizza, I recommend selecting only 3 ingredients, and ensuring that each one is as fresh, colourful, and as tasty as possible. Use your next pizza to proudly display your ingredients rather than to bury them in a blur of mixed toppings.

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