How to Make Sprouted Hummus with Garlic and Chiles

How to Make Sprouted Hummus #nourishedkitchen

I love a good hummus, particularly sprouted hummus, but many of the versions I’ve tried are, well, painfully gritty and dull in flavor.  For me, hummus should be something luxuriant, with a smooth texture and a rich flavor pronounced by the earthiness of chickpeas, the fruitiness of olive oil and with a sparkle of fresh lemon.

But, again, most hummus that I find either in restaurants (Jerusalem in Denver, you’re the blessed exception) or in the refrigerated cases at my local health food store offer a texture that is at once both pasty and gritty, with a dull, watery flavor that lacks the much-needed punch of brightness that both extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice provide.

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