Importance of Cheese in a Healthy Breakfast

Importance of Cheese in a Healthy Breakfast

Most people when they wake up in the morning are in a rush to get ready for work and to get their children ready for school. They tend to rush out of the house without eating breakfast. If they are lucky, they might be able to grab a pastry or a muffin somewhere on their way to taking children to school or going to work. When it comes to starting your day in a healthy manner, none of the above is a healthy option. These are not healthy ways of starting off your day. Having a healthy breakfast is a dilemma that most of us face every day since that we either do not have time for breakfast or we do not have many easy options that are healthy.

Starting the day off with an empty stomach means that by the time you are really getting into your daily activities, your blood sugar levels will become low. In order to get back into the game, you need an instant sugar fix a chocolate, a donut, a pastry or some other unhealthy choice.

The key to a healthy breakfast is the right combination of whole grain carbohydrates, low fat dairy products, and protein with as little saturated fat as possible. There are many easy breakfast recipes that you can find online that will provide you with the perfect combination. But how will you find the time to prepare a healthy breakfast? Well, you will have to make the time. It takes no more that fifteen minutes to make a healthy breakfast. You just need to wake up earlier or you can even prepare your breakfast from the night before.

A simple breakfast recipe that is both easy and healthy is the combination of Britannia bread with cheddar cheese, almond butter which is actually healthier that peanut butter and rich in protein, some fresh berries, and a protein shake. You can blend low fat milk or soy milk with the fresh berries and some of the almond butter to make the perfect shake rich in protein. It might sound a little bit strange but it tastes great and does it fill you up.

Britain bread is one of the largest bread brands in India. The different categories include nutria soft vitamin enriched white bread, nutria soft premium sandwich white bread and whole wheat bread.

Cheddar cheese on the other side consists of the most important nutrients of milk and can be very palatable after proper storage of more than a year. This specific type of cheese undergoes a special process called ripening which gives the cheese its flavor, texture and appearance.

It is important to have cheese in your breakfast due to the fact that cheese has a large amount of nutrients including protein, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and Vitamin A, B2 and B12. These are all nutrients that our body needs to grow and be healthy. Do not forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. No matter how busy you might be, you should not miss breakfast.

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