Italian Pizza with Addition of sauces, fresh Mozzarella or Gouda cheese

italian pizza

Pizzas and pastas are the most prominent Italian dishes all around the world. Everywhere they are prepared in the same manner but still we experience different flavors and tastes. Pizzas are available in every corner of the world but the tang we get is distinct and it varies from place to place because of the toppings and spices used. At every pizza chain a unique combination of toppings and seasonings can be found.
Pizza is an Italian dish but after reaching India it got a bit alteration in its original flavors. The basic recipe of pizza making remains the same but with some fusion element. That fusion is the combination of regional stuff with the original recipe. Addition of sauces, fresh Mozzarella or Gouda cheese, basils, baby corns, meat and veggies, assorted bell peppers and loads of other toppings bring the exotic flavor in pizzas. But only at Pizza Hut you can experience the authentic Italian vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas made from the crunchy and fresh vegetables, golden corn, olives, fresh mint, cumin, melted cheese topped with hot pepper sauce. Pizza Hut, a leading chain restaurant in India prepares pizzas with complete perfection and here you can also find many signature pizzas with unique gourmet toppings. AT this restaurant you even have an option to create your own pizza by selecting crust and toppings of your choice from international and local favorites.

At Pizza Hut not only pizzas are accessible but you can also avail a wide range of appetizers from garlic bread to potato wedges, cheese tortillas, chicken wings, chicken skewers, fish and wedges, assorted platter, onion rings, paneer quesadillas and lot more. This customer friendly organization not only tops in food quality but it also offer superior services to every customer in a relaxed and amicable way. At this dine restaurant customers have an immense choice of food right from pizzas to pastas, appetizers, soups, salads, desserts and beverages. They provide an extensive variety of lasagna, baked pastas and saut??ed pastas. Their version of classic lasagna has three layers of wide flat pastas stuffed with veg or non-veg fillings. Its baked pasta is tossed with rich sauces, vegetables or chicken, baked with mozzarella cheese and topped with parsley. In desserts you can also enjoy Banoffee Pie with a unique combination of banana and caramel, Classic Tiramisu with layered cheese cake and sprinkled with cocoa. Dessert lovers can also go for delicious Mini Mousse Shots in strawberry, chocolate and butterscotch flavor.

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