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Beaming so brightly that her professionally whitened teeth reflected the lighting, Kate Gosselin skipped onto the stage of Katie Couric’s talk show on September 25 to dish on life, liberty, eating right and the pursuit of eight kids (minus Jon). Kate also plugged her new healthy cookbook “Kate Gosselin’s Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories with Family-Friendly Recipes, Tips and Traditions.” (See recipes below.)
Looking slender, Kate made it clear to Katie that she seeks to emphasize a healthy diet for her kids. Her smile became strained as she elaborated on the trials and tribulations of feeding her rambunctious family.Homemade is the rule (although when Katie visited the family and tried to help, she looked as if she longed to snatch up a cellphone and call Domino’s for 20 extra-large pizzas pronto).
In addition to eating a healthy diet, Kate stays slender by running 10 miles every other day, according to Runner’s World. She admitted: “Psychologically, though, I do my best runs when the kids are at their dad’s [Kate and husband Jon divorced in 2009]. I know I can come home and sit on the couch. And that’s what I do. I make my egg-white omelet, my salad, I sit down, and that’s where I’m found the rest of the day. Literally that’s what’s on my schedule that day.”
The following recipes are from Kate’s cookbook, “Love is In the Mix: Making Memories into Meals.”
Kate’s Homemade Pizza
Makes 4 (19-inch) Pizza Crusts
A note from Kate: I love cooking healthy, organic, and inexpensive meals. This recipe allows us to have a somewhat healthy pizza night, and I can even accommodate each topping request. I usually make three pizzas: one with cheese, onion, green pepper, and pepperoni; one tomato basil (feta cheese, fresh tomato, fresh basil, and a few drops of olive oil); and one with ‘everything’ (cheese, pepperoni, onion, mushrooms, black olives, and green pepper). It’s a sure hit every time Mom plays ‘Pizza Parlor’!
Note: If you want smaller (12-inch) pizzas, divide the dough into 5 parts. Kate likes to make these into heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine’s Day.
Pizza Sauce Ingredients

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