Three Steps for an excellent Meat Wellington

wellington meatIt is really an amazing formula. I am very happy to look for a famous British recipe, therefore unusual. The true name came after the Duke of Wellington and his love for meat, mushroom, pate and wine. Other concept is that this particular recipe will be the variant from the French formula Beuf au crouton. Well I do like the first stick and theory to it. The Beef Wellington is a fillet steak slow prepared and cooked with mushrooms, wines, pork begleiter and protected with fluffy pastry. Elements for six people: 400 grams associated with puffy pastry (You can buy this frozen or even make it refreshing. I prefer this fresh) For that pastry: two hundred grams flour, 200 grms butter from room temp but not smooth, about a hundred ml cool water, one teaspoon associated with salt. 750 grams associated with beef fillet, 400 grms Porcini, button and chestnut mushrooms, 1 red onion, 1 garlic clove,?? glass associated with cognac,?? dried out white wines, 100 grms of liver organ pate, one egg, six spoons associated with olive oil, the spoon associated with butter, pepper and salt. Some flour for dusting. 1 . Within a mixing dish sift the particular flour, and add the salt then. Cut the particular butter directly into square pieces about two square metre distances and include it towards the flour. Begin to mix together with your hands plus little by little include the cool water. Maintaining mixing till it becomes a strong mass. You can include some extra drinking water if you need. Cover it with a wet cloth for half an full hour.
2 . Thoroughly clean the mushroom with a damp cloth removing all the dirt. Never clean them underneath the water. Cut the mushroom, onion and garlic and put them in a pan with some oil and butter. Prepare them with a few until decreased. Season them with pepper and salt. Keep them the particular cool. Blend the mushrooms until it becomes a paste nearly. 3. Brush the fillet with some season and oil it with pepper; in some oil be added by a fry pan and brown the fillet for about 15-20 minutes. Awesome it straight down.
4. On a floured baking sheet roll half of the pastry now, take the liver organ pate plus spread this, put the fillet on top, adding the mushroom paste all over the bottom as well as the top. Put the other pastry, spread some more liver pate and put it on top of the beef then. Join the two pastries and trim it with a knife together. Make sure you close off them nicely. With a fork you can draw some relative lines on top, to be able to prettier. Beat the egg cell and clean it on the top.
5. Cook it to get in a pre-heated oven in a temperature associated with [email protected] to get 20-25 mins for a moderate ‘rare; half an hour for moderate, 40 mins for congratulations.


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