Meatless taco pizza recipe updated

meatless taco pizzaMany families have joined the Meatless Monday movement and many Catholics are also observing meatless Fridays during Lent. Two meatless days in one week can cause even the best menu planner to scramble for delicious meatless meals.
Meatless taco pizza fills the bill for families who have joined the Meatless Monday movement and observe the no meat on Fridays rule during the Lenten season.
Meatless taco pizza is easy to make and so absolutely delicious your pickiest eater will ask for another slice. Even though this meatless taco pizza recipe contains no meat, it is not vegan. However, if you substitute Daiya Jack style vegan cheese for pepper Jack cheese this meatless taco pizza recipe you can make it vegan. If you cannot find Daiya Jack style vegan cheese, use any brand of vegan cheese in any flavor, such as mozzarella style or cheddar style.
Not a fan of pepper Jack cheese? You can substitute either mozzarella or cheddar or even a blend of cheeses in the vegetarian taco pizza recipe.
Many commercially prepared refried beans are made with lard. Read the label, and try to find a product without lard or make your own refried beans. You can also make your own pizza dough, taco seasoning, and salsa for this vegetarian taco pizza recipe.
This meatless taco pizza recipe makes six slices. If you have a large family or a family with large appetites, you may want to make two pizzas for your meatless Monday dinner. Include a salad made of dark leafy greens with homemade Greek salad dressing or any other homemade salad dressing to round out your meal.
Meatless taco pizza for Fridays in Lent or Meatless Mondays
Ingredients for meatless taco pizza:
How to make meatless taco pizza:

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