Noodle Is The Oldest or Spaghetti in World History .

pasta or noodles the younger hereA dough formed in a long thin pipes or strips could be called noodle in China or spaghetti in Italy.
Noodle was been discovered in China since 5000 BC, but the middle eastern also claimed tobe the first one that had noodle as their main food.
The Italian explorer Marco Polo introduced the form of spaghetti on his return from China in 1295. However history shows that pasta in the form of vermicelli and macaroni is already exist as pasta in Italy before that year.
Pasta in form of noodle is spaghetti.
The Middle Eastern also said that pasta came from there. Introduced this wheat dough to Sicily, and some says that pasta had been born 1000 years before Marco Polo was born, and might come from ancient Greece.
The Italian claims that spaghetti had been born since 400 BC, still noodle look older than spaghetti.
Noodle from China had developed in the area, and every Asian country has its own style of noodle. The Japanese Ramen and the Vietnamese Pho are all originated from the Chinese Noodle.
The Chinese believe that noodle represent long life and prosperity. In somebody’s birthday party noodle is the main dish for that reason.
Rice noodles has a long history in China since the Song Dynasty, and could be a good gift to others.
Since the discovery of 4000 year old found in China, then it is proven that noodle had been in China since 7000 years ago. The scientist determined that noodles are made from two kinds of millet.
Other theories say that the Arab introduce noodle to Europe especially Italy from China, as they were trading from Asia to Europe at that time.
People are still arguing about Marco Polo story bringing the noodle to Venice after his visit to Emperor Kubilai Khan in China. They claimed that pasta was born long before then.
There is a slight difference between noodles and spaghetti. Spaghetti is definitely made from wheat flour, but noodle made from anything, like rice starch or rice flour.
Spaghetti does not have egg in it, but egg noodle does.
And some says the difference is only that spaghetti needs fork and noodle needs chopstick to eat.
As for the form spaghetti is round cut and noodle is flat cut.
I believe whatever the difference they have and who came first, both are very delicious representing western food for spaghetti and eastern food for noodle. It also might be that both were born without any connection to each other.

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