Nutella Meringues

Light and sweet Nutella Meringue. Every bite is filled with thick gooey Nutella. Easy Nutella Meringue recipe that anyone can make at home.

Nutella Meringue

I love meringues—sweet, airy, and feather light egg white meringues that just melt in the mouth. I especially love meringues when there is a hidden treasure inside every of them. The hidden treasure will not reveal itself until you take a bite of the meringues, so there is always an anticipation.

Everything tastes better with a bit of Nutella, especially meringues. And these Nutella Meringues get an easy upgrade of Nutella, everyone’s favorite creamy hazelnut spread that makes each bite simply decadent. My favorite part is the slight crunch you encounter just before making it to the middle. It is the perfect contrast in texture.

Nutella Meringues

These meringues are great to prepare in advance for a special occasion, festive season, or just to enjoy yourself. It’s an amazing sweet dessert. With minimal ingredients, this Nutella Meringues recipe is a keeper for its simple preparation and all around deliciousness.

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