Pizza balls

pizza ball

Pizza balls are basically pizza toppings wrapped inside a ball of pizza dough and baked. These doughy delights make a great appetizer for a party–or even a pretty good meal for two.

Pizza balls
It really isn’t a very hard recipe. So if you’re not very sure of your skills in the kitchen, here’s a great recipe that your friends and family will love, that doesn’t require a whole lot on your end. Especially if you don’t even make your own pizza dough.
Roll the pizza dough out. Then you grab small chunks. Then roll it into a ball in your hands. Grab a piece of pepperoni and a chunk of cheese and insert them into the ball of dough, closing it around them and pinch the dough closed.
Place dough ball, seal side down, in a pie pan. Repeat until you either fill the pan or run out of dough. It should fill an 8 in round pie pan. Mix the oil and Italian seasonings and brush over the top of the dough balls, then sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
Bake at 400 degrees for 16-20 minutes. Serv with warmed Marinara sauce.

Cost:Mozzarella – 16 oz block for about , only about half gets used in this recipe (~.50)
Pepperoni – An 8 oz package was about , and about a quarter of it got used. (~.75)
Marinara sauce – A 24 oz jar costs and this recipe calls for a third. (~.66)
Total: About . Now as an appetizer that serves 4-6 people, that’s about $ .50 – $ .75 a person. Though, it also makes a pretty good meal for two.

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