Smoking Meat: The Best Real Barbecue Recipes In History

smoking meat

Smoking Meat: The Best Real Barbecue Recipes In History

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Smoking Meat: The Best Real Barbecue Recipes In History

All you need to know about smoking meat. Delicious easy recipes made for you
Everything old is new again. The art of smoking meat is preserved from ancient times. Natives in the
Caribbean set up a fire pit called a “barbacoa”, its name is similar to our modern word “barbecue.”
Originally fish was the protein of choice. Modern men prefer heartier meats like pork, chicken,
and beef. Smoking tenderized tough cuts of meat that would otherwise be hard to eat.
Although smoking was the original way to preserve meat, modern men prefer to barbecue and grill.
When it comes to outdoor cooking, men are the original keepers of the flame. Women are usually
relegated to the kitchen, but they shouldn’t be afraid to tend the grill – be it propane or charcoal.
Women shouldn’t be afraid to attempt some of the recipes in this cookbook. Grilling is all about
control of the fire, not necessarily maneuvering the intricacies of exterior cooking.
Women can certainly handle the duties as easily as any man. Ladies, send him into the kitchen,
tie on your apron and start cooking.
Most of the recipes in this cookbook are cooked on a traditional smoker or grill. Some special ways
of smoking and grilling have been included – just for fun. Fish recipes are listed first as homage to
the origins of grilling. Pork, chicken, beef, and even some unusual ingredients will be profiled to
help you get your grill on!
What You’ll Learn To Make From This Cookbook

  • Smoked Salmon with Professional Smoker
  • Smoked Trout with Wok and Woodchips
  • Indian Candy Smoked Fish with Smoker
  • Smoking a Pig Underground
  • Kalua Pig
  • Southern Barbecued Ribs

..and many more
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