What Is Vaping?

Vaping can be described as the practice of inhaling water vapor through an e cigarette or a personal vaporizer. Carcinogenic compounds and about 4000 chemicals which come from cigarettes are done away. For greater effect, vaping may also contain nicotine as a choice for maximized effect of smoking at a reduced risk. Vaping makes use of a liquid that is propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin liquid which is a mixture of small nicotine amounts and food grade flavoring which then gets vaporized in an atomizer that acts as a stimulant to the smoking experience.
Vaping has got no legal or health characteristics that are commonly found with smoking. The personal vapor is comprised of an atomizer, battery and a nicotine chamber which is usually renewable and allows the smoker to hold and smoke it in the same way as one would in the ordinary cigarette. As one draws at the end, vapor is created just like smoke would do in the usual cigarette. The nicotine chamber enables the user to have the nicotine quantity minimized since the cartridges are available in various strengths therefore proving its efficient use.
Although, the e-cigarette tastes, feels and looks just like the usual one, its operations are quite different. In itself, it does not burn tobacco .A flow censor gets activated which releases vaporized water that is composed of propylene glycol, nicotine and a scent which stimulates the tobacco flavor. This therefore means that you obtain the mixture of nicotine while at the same time keeping off the ingredients that causes cancer. electronic cigarette uk ingredients include tar, glue, hydrocarbons and other additives that are quite destructive to one’s health.
Since the actual tobacco is not involved, vaping is therefore legalized and proves to be much healthier. Moreover, one can smoke from anywhere at any time. The water vapor rapidly evaporates and will not offend anybody in the area surrounding. It is permissible to be smoked in places such as the work place, the bars, work places and restaurants as well. As such, one does not have the fear of having others affected as compared to the ordinary one which causes one to emit bad irritating smoke and therefore proves to be friendly to the environment.
A special feature of vaping with is that the cartridge is refillable and comes in different flavors and also different nicotine strengths. The available flavors include apple, menthol, strawberry and the regular one. The strengths of nicotine include full, medium and light. The tobacco craving for a smoker and the oral taste is satisfied as well. The cigarette lasts for a similar time just in the same way as fifteen to twenty pieces of the usual cigar and hence a huge cost saving is done.
vaping is considered as the alternative to harmful tobacco products and it is the way to go. This is because it acts as a substitute for the otherwise harmful effects of tobacco. Smoking the ordinary tobacco is not only harmful but expensive too. Therefore, vaping with should be encouraged and the at all costs. Another benefit to vaping is that it is completely odorless, there is no second hand smoking thereby making it healthier and less expensive at the same time.

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What Is Vaping
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Being sold at a kiosk in the Hanes Mall, Winston-Salem, NC.

While at the mall I saw 3 young people (early 20’s) vaping on a bench. I asked them how they liked their e-cigs. One said vaping is helping her wean off of regular cigarettes. Her taste buds are coming back and she now hates the taste of tobacco cigarettes. She said her overall health appears to be better as she moves from regular cigarettes to vaping. As they vaped, I didn’t smell anything. No annoying smoke going up our nostrils and onto our clothes. The water vapor just disappeared over our heads. As a non smoker, and non vapor, I have no objection to people using these devices around me. In fact, I believe it will help people quit smoking carcinogenic tobacco products. Interesting that e-cigs are not promoted by manufacturers as a tool to help you stop smoking, probably because they contain nicotine, a habit forming substance. My Google search reveled that nicotine does not cause cancer. It is the delivery system of tobacco cigarettes that does. When you smoke regular cigarettes you inhale tar and toxic chemicals along with the nicotine. Check out this informative website that poses the question, "What’s in a cigarette?" www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-info/healthyliving/smokin…

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