White Chicken Chili

What is your favorite chicken recipe? Are you tired of all the traditional ways of cooking chicken? This Christmas, try out this new recipe and experience the White Chicken Chili! Chili is usually tomato based, but the White Chicken Chili recipe is not tomato based. Choices of white chicken meat, duck, or turkey can be used to make this delicious chicken recipe. Mixed with the chicken are beans which are protein rich.

The white chicken chili recipe can be best enjoyed with the family especially on cold weather meals. One thing that makes this recipe extra special is the toppings which usually are sour cream, chopped onions, and grated cheese. To serve the white chili chicken, place some saltines in a side plate or some tortillas to complement the delicious chili taste. Others prefer pasta or rice to go with the white chicken chili recipe.

White chicken chili is cooked very slowly over a low heat stove in a special white chicken chili crock pot. If a white chicken chili crock pot is not available, then a heavy cast iron skillet can be used. The White chicken chili recipe may have come from Texas or Mexico as it is clearly a variation of the chili con carne, which is also a famous chili recipe.

How is this wonderful chili recipe made? Let us go over the step by step procedure so moms or dads out there can try it out this Christmas. The recipe is generally easy to prepare. You will need a slow cooker for it needs at least thirty minutes to prepare and twelve hours to be cooked. Here are the steps. But before the day of the cooking, pre-soak your beans the night before overnight.

Okay let’s get to cook the white chicken chili! First, prepare 2 pounds of chicken. Boil it in chicken broth. The chicken must be skinless and boneless. After boiling, cool, and shred the chicken meat.

Using the broth that was used to boil the chicken, boil the beans and ad some potatoes, green pepper, garlic, onions, chili powder and some oregano. Measurements depend on the cook’s preference and taste.

After cooking, put the chicken on the pot and season to taste by putting more pepper. Add more water if the broth evaporated. Check on the beans if they are well cooked and add water occasionally if the broth is not enough to cook the beans. Cook slowly using low heat. Serve the White chicken chili with toppings of cheese, onions and sour cream. Put in individual bowls and serve.

The great thing about this recipe is that, it is not only delicious and mouth-watering; it is also very healthy because it is low in calorie content. One serving is less than 200 calories. Isn’t that great? A good source of protein, vitamins, and other nutrients, this great recipe is low on cholesterol, low on fat and low on sugars. It is low on the 3 big no-no’s of healthy dieting. On the other hand, modest toppings of cheese and cream may be needed to maintain a healthy diet.Article Source: white chicken chilli? How about a white chicken chillile recipe to stir up some white chicken chilli crockpot in your spare time?

White Bean Chicken Chili
White Chicken Chili
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