Price: $64.99 - $34.99
(as of May 14,2020 09:17:29 UTC – Details)

Take Your Grill or Smoker to the Next Level
Our charcoal tray is innovative and easy to use way to quickly and efficiently convert your gas, electric or smoker grill into a complete charcoal based grill without having to spend hundreds of dollars. If you already invested into a grill or smoker, you no longer have to second guess your investment as this grilling accessory provides you with more grilling options. Engineered to conveniently sit on top of your grill’s existing gas or electric burners or it can be easily expanded or contracted to nestle securely into smoker grills.
Outstanding Quality
We’ve chosen only the highest-quality stainless-steel that also has anti-rust and anti-oxidization properties. We then strategically implemented breathing holes to prevent the charcoals from burning out. Uniquely engineered to provide delicious charbroiled meals you miss without the frustration of an ashy-messy grill.

EXPERIENCE BOLD NEW FLAVORS: Tired of bland tasting food, simply upgrade your smoker or grill! With this charcoal grill tray, you’ll be able to take your grilled foods to a whole new delicious level. Plus, with the bottom ash pan, cleanup is a breeze.
SIMPLE CHARCOAL GRILL CONVERSION: If you’ve always wanted to upgrade or convert your smoker, electric, or gas grill into an easy to use charcoal grill, then our charcoal tray is what you need to easily transform your grill into a charcoal barbeque.
PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: To ensure that you get years of delicious chargrilled food from our charcoal tray, we’ve constructed it out of food-grade premium-quality stainless-steel due to its durability and its anti-rust and oxidizing properties.
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: To install, simply lift your grill’s cooking grates and place the tray onto the burners or place into your smoker. Then add charcoal to the charcoal grates, replace the grates, and now you’re cooking with flavor. No Tools Required!