Price: $142.20
(as of May 14,2020 05:07:53 UTC – Details)

Name: Korean BBQ Grill
Material: Cast iron furnace body
Size: 29cm*12cm
Place of use: both outdoor and indoor,Outing, party, camping, home, barbecue shop
Number of users: 5-10 people

Our grill brings the joy of teppanyaki food into your home.

We want more family to be able to enjoy the delicious food and spend time on their families wherever they are at home or on garden.

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Material: Material: Cast iron furnace body, energy-gathering combustion greatly extends the burning time, durable and durable, with vents around
Anti-scald bottom bracket / handle: metal handle with handle for heat insulation, protect the desktop, thick handle, prevent hot hands, comfortable grip
Split design: The split design of the oven is convenient for cleaning all parts without leaving oil residue
Add water: Before using the oven, you need to add water to the furnace body and add 1/2 of the clean water (you can cool the furnace body to prevent burns to the desktop)
Large carbon box: The large carbon box is built in the brazier. The large carbon box has a strong flame, sufficient firepower, and good ventilation performance.